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03 April 2011

A-tisket, a-tasket, a cute Easter Basket

Just stopping by to share this cute folded basket with you.  In fact you have probably seen it or come across it before.  This little basket was so quick and easy to make that it was almost disappointing.  A customer bought a basket like this into the shop and a quick search on the internet led me straight to a set of simple instructions on Splitcoast Stampers by Beate Johns.   This folded basket would make a great gift holder for all sorts of goodies and I will most definitely be using it over and over again.  If you really want to make it even quicker you could just use a sheet of double sided patterned paper and be done.  This one was made from a sheet of cardstock and embellished with squares of patterned paper with a contrasting cardstock mat.  Since the bunny has not been I did not have very much here to fill the basket but here it is.

One down and only a dozen or so to go.