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28 April 2010

Moody Make-Up Mom

That's me!  My gorgeous daughter is studying special effects make up and did her first "shoot" earlier this week.  Unfortunately she ended up in a state this afternoon because her photographs did not come out so ... she had to do an emergency re-do this afternoon and I was the only available canvas.  The thing is it took some serious persuasion as there is one small problem.  I am camera phobic if there is such a thing.  My face takes on an instantly frozen look of something which resembles shock and I start to feel physically ill.  Ridiculous I know but never the less true.  She begged and pleaded while I found every excuse under the sun but I am proud to say that I managed to get through it and now have a photo of grumpy old me looking almost like me.

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  1. Love the ticket corners on the layers and that ribbon is too fun! Wonderful scalloped side tab as well. Great card!


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